YouTube’s Shorts for TV app launches

YouTube's Shorts for TV app launches
YouTube's Shorts for TV app launches

Earlier this week, YouTube began rolling out Shorts on TV, its short-form video rival to TikTok. Users can now enjoy watching vertical videos on YouTube’s updated smart TV app.

A new series of colorful videos (60 seconds or less) is coming soon to your TV, the company announced late on Monday.

A modified version of a “maximal” prototype will be shown to users in the design rollout.

In future releases, we will add more features to the right side rail. We believe this experience balances the fun, quirkiness of Shorts in a way that feels natural for TV,” the company stated.

A new version of the experience will be available on newer game consoles and TV models starting in the coming weeks.

Clicking directly on the Shorts video or using the Play and Pause buttons on the remote control will also start and stop the video.

There are 30 billion daily views on YouTube Shorts, and the number is increasing exponentially.

Short-form vertical videos have been available on TV for some time, but YouTube isn’t the first service to bring them to the home. In recent years, TikTok has experimented with smart TV interfaces.