Why did Turkey reject Indian durum wheat? The center will investigate

Commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal said that the government will investigate why Turkey rejected 56,877 tonnes of Indian Durum wheat.

Concerns regarding the rejection of an Indian wheat consignment by Turkey because of phytosanitary reasons were discussed by the minister. Apparently, the ships carrying the consignment returned on May 29 to Kandala port in Gujarat.

Turkish authorities reported that a consignment of Indian wheat contained Indian Rubella. Due to concerns about the disease, the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry rejected the shipment.

Wheat traders and exporters are concerned about the cancellation of other shipments in response to Turkey’s decision. In response to the concerns, Goyal stated that he had investigated and found that ITC had exported wheat to a Dutch buyer after following the proper procedure and quality control.

Goyal pointed out that ITC is a reputable company. He added that the conglomerate exports high-quality wheat. “I am certain that Indian wheat is of the highest quality.”

In the last fiscal year, India exported 70 lakh tonnes of wheat and 14,5 lakh tonnes of wheat in April. This indicates that “Indian wheat is welcomed worldwide,” he added.

Goyal warned wheat exporters generating backdated Letters of Credit (LC) or backdated applications that the government is investigating the matter and that it will take strong measures against them.

“We are investigating each of those wheat exporters to verify, and we will take the strongest action against any exporter who has attempted to create backdated Letters of Credits or applications,” he said. Over 200 liquor stores in Delhi have closed their doors, here’s why

“I want to give this message very clearly. Friendly nations who have asked us for support, there is a committee which has been constituted inter-ministerial where officers from Agriculture, Food and Foreign Affairs Ministry are a part of that committee. Collectively based on the population of the country and their genuine requirements, particularly for our neighboring and our friendly countries, that committee takes a decision and allows the export of wheat. Whichever foreign government will apply, the committee will examine it”, Goyal was quoted as saying by ANI.