When is Raksha Bandhan 2022? Find out the time and date that are CONFIRMED

As brothers and sisters gear up for Raksha Bandhan 2022, there is a lot of confusion about the festival’s date this year.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated during the full moon of Sawan month. Hindu calendar indicates that this year’s Rakhi will take place on August 11. However, some people choose to celebrate Rakhi festival on August 12 due to the shadow of Bhadra period on this day – an auspicious time. Let us tell you about the festival’s auspicious time and date if you are also confused about the date.

A list of auspicious dates and times for Rakshabandhan in 2022

During Sawan month, the full moon starts at 10:39 am on August 11 and ends at 7.05 am on August 12. As a result, it is appropriate to celebrate the festival of Rakhi on August 11. However, Bhadra Kaal on this day will begin in the morning itself and end at 8.51 pm. In theory, Rakhi can be tied after that, which is why many people celebrate on August 12. Hinduism holds that auspicious work cannot be performed after sunset. The night of August 11 will therefore not be preferred by many sisters to tie rakhi. There will be so many celebrations on December 12. Remember to tie the rakhi on your brothers’ wrists by 7.05 in the morning on the 12th. A full moon tithi begins the day from sunrise itself, so 11th is technically not a full moon tithi according to astrologer Anupam V Kapil. A full moon tithi begins when the full moon begins from sunrise time itself, so traditionalists should observe on the 12th morning.

Rakhi should be tied at THIS time on August 11

Rakhi tying during this time is not considered auspicious according to astrology since Bhadra will remain for the entire day. Poonch Bhadra is the time when Rakhi can be tied, however. On August 11, Poonch Bhadra will begin at 5:17 pm and last until 6.18 pm. During this period, it would be auspicious to tie rakhi.