What a surprise! Road construction works under a semi-blind Chief Engineer

Congress’ obligation continues even today.

Chandigarh, Oct 23 (Narinder): The construction work of State highways is under a visually handicapped Chief Engineer in the PWD department. However, as per the guidelines of GOI, such type of visually disabled person cannot be entitled to be appointed to top posts like Chief Engineer. He cannot be given responsible or risky work. But thanks to the political bosses of the previous Congress Government he not only could able to get the desired post but also creamy works also. The interesting thing is that the miraculous chief engineer, despite being blind, drives the car and does other work himself.

Paramjyoti Arora, a chief engineer of the PWD department, has been in the news for some time for his close association with a former minister of the previous government. Arora, who was appointed to the department as a Junior Engineer, was fine and fit at first. Still, before his promotion as SDE, he became blind and got the benefit of promotion in the quota of disability, which is 3 percent as per rules. He got the benefit of his alleged disability till the promotion to Chief Engineer. It was his political influence that he could get the charge of Construction Circle Patiala-I, Construction Circle Patiala-II, Construction Circle Ludhiana, Chief Engineer cum Joint Secretary, Punjab State Roads and Buildings and Nodal Officer of NABARD in the department, simulationiously. To challenge his alleged disability, some engineers had also filed a petition in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, in which it was said that Paramjyoti Arora’s disability certificate is false. It was also argued in the court that according to the notification issued by the Central Government, such an officer cannot be posted to the post of Chief Engineer nor can he be given so many tasks. Although on eligibility issues, the court dismissed their writ. But the issue of the certificate is still intact. It is also interesting that when the said Chief Engineer had got the certificate of blind disability, similarly he also got his driving license made, in which he had shown fit. It was the issue of cheating the government, misusing the disability quota, and collecting extra salaries from the government treasury. An attempt was made to contact Chief Engineer Paramjyoti Arora on his mobile and WhatsApp in this regard repeatedly, but he did not receive it. There are also some engineers in the department, who have got a disability certificate made and have been promoted. Such engineers are also posted at Mohali, Sri Anandpur Sahib, and some other places. Sources in the department claim that this crime is being committed by the fake certificate mafia on a large scale in the department and if it is investigated by any big agency, then the big scam growing in various departments of Punjab can be exposed.

What Minister says?

When Punjab’s PWD Department Minister Harbhajan Singh ETO contacted, he said that it was a very serious matter. He will look into this matter and if more such cases come into the department, then Vigilance or any other investigating agency will be entrusted to probe it.  He said that the department would also review the work done by such suspected officers.