Vivo X80 Pro Review- The Good, The Bad & The X-Factor

The X80 and the X80 Pro are the latest additions to Vivo’s flagship X-series line-up. If no Pro+ model is in development, it may become the brand’s flagship phone in 2022. This means that the Vivo X80 Pro replaces the Vivo X70 Pro+.

The Vivo X80 Pro costs a steep Rs. The device has the latest Snapdragon chipset and FunTouch OS for $79,990.

Additionally, it supports 80W fast charging and has a 200mAh larger battery. The camera system has also been enhanced a bit in order to improve the output even more. Are there any actual improvements? We’ll see.

Let’s see.

  • Using the X-Factor camera, you can capture lovely daylight shots with its quad-lens system. In terms of clarity and details, the custom-built 50MP Samsung GNV sensor (basically an improved GN1 sensor) impresses with its OIS (f/1.6). Furthermore, it captures a wide dynamic range and excels at contrast. You can rock your social feeds with the well-exposed and detailed images (12.5″ pixel-binned and 50MP).
  • For still photographs, the sensors perform well in terms of focusing; however, this is not the case for videos. Stability is top-class though, thanks to a miniaturized gimbal setup.
  • Vivo’s dedicated imaging chip comes in handy while taking pictures in challenging lighting. The camera sensors beautifully counter uneven light, light flares, bright sunlight that falls straight on the camera, and individual light sources in low light. The camera is pro to handle HDR photography.
  • The X80 Pro continues to impress in low-light scenarios. Images are noise-free and display a wide dynamic range. Vivo’s imaging chip and ZEISS collaboration guarantee no unwanted blown-out light sources. The camera sensor pulls so much information that the results will stun you. In fact, you will notice the real-time difference on the viewfinder while taking the very shot.
  • The 48MP (Sony IMX598) 14mm f/2.2 autofocus wide-angle sensor also delivers good pictures. Images are slightly less sharp but well-exposed and show a good dynamic range.
  • The camera sensor also does justice to the zoom shots. Both 2x and 5x pictures look crisp and detailed too. The 60x zoom shots are a mess and don’t match the results on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you want a better zoom camera, there’s no better device than the Galaxy S22 Ultra.
  • The Vivo X80 Pro gives you ample modes, focal lengths, and filters to experiment with portrait photography and the results are generally pleasing. Don’t think about enabling the beautification modes if you prefer natural skin tones. Among 1x, 2x, and 5x, the 2x zoom shots offered the best output.

The Good