UN refugee chief urges world to extend support to Afghans

With the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, the United Nations Refugee Agency chief has been calling for continued international support.

“At the end of this four-day visit to Afghanistan, I met families who don’t know what they will eat for their next meal”, Filippo Grandi said on Thursday.

With the war in Ukraine at such a high priority, it seems that Afghanistan is an afterthought. But this is not all true. That country has its own problems, which UN Refugee chief Aminullah Amani wants to help those most affected by with international support and acceptance of refugees within their homeland as well as around the globe.

The head of the UN refugee agency, UNHCR spoke to women heads of households who were afraid for their children’s health and well-being. Some mothers and fathers are struggling to provide for their families in Syria.

Recent reports revealed that, during the year of 2017, an alarming 95% of Afghans were not getting enough to eat. In households with at least one female head in 2017, this percentage jumped to almost 100%.

Grandi arrived in Afghanistan on Monday and met with the interim Afghan Government as well as others who continue to provide vital life-saving assistance throughout the country, UN News reported.

The United Nations’ refugee chief reiterated that the agency’s unwavering commitment is to “stay and deliver humanitarian aid.”

The UNCHR chief aims to assess progress and discuss the challenges facing those displaced or returning to their communities in order to help them.

Since January, the UN has been able to help more than 500,000 Afghans through assistance and relief programmes.