This Show Is Trending At No. 1 On Netflix; Here’s Why

Season 4 of the sci-fi thriller horror web series Stranger Things dominated global headlines after it finally hit Netflix on May 27. The series earned its top spot with over 188 million total hours viewed breaking the view record of past seasons and other Netflix series having been placed in the Top 10 in 93 countries.

Season 4 is a deep dive into Eleven’s life post-Hawkins, the gruesome Vecna, Max struggling to bring back her subconscious from upside down, Eddie Munson & Dustin Henderson’s friendship, Hopper’s battle to escape Soviet captors and of course multiple murders by season’s monster Vecna, but as cops blame Munson for all the murders, the show also features him proving that he didn’t commit the aforementioned killings.
Stranger Things is no longer No. 1 on Netflix

Stranger Things Season 4 has ended on an interesting note leaving fans curious about the fifth and final season of the popular web series. As all the characters finally reunited in Hawkins for one last fight against Vecna, Stranger Things Season 5 is touted to be one of the biggest seasons of the show. But as the show has spent weeks reigning on the Netflix Top 10 TV shows, it’s been replaced by another Netflix production, The Resident Evil.