This Assam-Based Startup Names Tea After Zelenskyy To Honour Ukrainan President’s Valour Amid Russian Invasion

A tea startup from Assam has launched a black blend named after Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in order to “honour his valour and courage” in the face of Russia’s invasion.

Assam tea is famous for its robust flavor and strong aroma around the world.

According to owner Ranjit Baruah of Aromica Tea, the Assam tea brand Zelenskyy was launched on Wednesday to associate in the analogy of strength and courage with it.

“The idea is to honor the valour and courage of president Zelenskyy for having rejected a US offer to escape from war-torn country. President Zelenskyy said he doesn’t need a free ride or any other material assistance, rather ammunition. This shows his character,” Barua maintained

The Ukrainian president, “knowing fully well that victory is nowhere near,” continues to fight.

The director of the company which is incubated at IIMC’s Innovation Park in 2020 says he wants to draw an analogy between their tea and fictional character, Arthurian legend. He also adds that they will sell their tea online and people can buy it straight from them.

By 2021, Russia is expected to have imported 34.09 million kilograms of Indian tea, while Ukraine will only import 1.73 million kilograms from India.

Recently tea planters and exporters have expressed concern over their possible impact on shipments to Russia amid the war. These companies fear that payments, which are usually in dollars, would get affected with the US having imposed sanctions on Russia. In reality, we should understand that these imports will not be impacted just because of a change in currency values – it is an entirely different problem altogether!