There was a request from China for information on those who weren’t tested

As COVID-19 cases in various Chinese cities have been surging, reports have surfaced that the local administration in the country is encouraging people to report on those who fail to undergo nucleic acid testing.

According to media reports, a notice by Beihai City in Guangxi read that the people who will give such information will be rewarded if the details they provide are found to be true. However, the notification was later taken down, the reports added.

The city of Beihai located in the south of Guangxi locked down last month to curb an outbreak. It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in the region but the outbreak left over 2,000 tourists stranded in Beihai city due to a coronavirus flare-up that hit the holiday resort.

Meanwhile, the Chinese city Sanya, famous for its tourist destination, has adopted “static management” by suspending the movement of people after the Hainan province reported 525 COVID-19 cases in just six consecutive days.

Hainan province has reported a total of 525 local COVID-19 cases between August 1 to 6, local media CGTN reported citing the local government.

Moreover, 121 asymptotic cases were also detected during the period as the province prepares to launch mass COVID-19 nucleic acid testing.

Meanwhile, China’s railway authority has stopped selling tickets leaving Sanya pending further notice and more than 80 per cent of flights to and from Sanya have been cancelled, according to data provider Variflight, CGTN reported.

The outbreak hits at a time when thousands of visitors are enjoying summer in the seaside resort city of Sanya.

Tourists who have not been to Sanya since July 23 and are now in other COVID-19-affected cities and counties, but not in controlled areas, could also leave Hainan after testing negative for COVID-19 three times within 72 hours of their departure, the local media reported.