The war in Ukraine is still not over, and Zelensky says that it will only get worse.

In an interview with Ukrainian news outlet RFE/RL, the president of Ukraine said it is too early to consider that the war is over as Russian offensives continue to strike the country.

“Russian missile strikes at Ukraine – Kyiv, Fastiv, Odesa, and other cities – once again prove that we cannot let our guard down. We cannot think that the war is over. We still have to fight. We still have to drive the occupiers out,” the president said.

“Today, the Russian army continued its offensive attempts in the east of our country, in Donbas. Tries to advance in the southern regions,” he added.
Meanwhile, Russia on 24th February launched the war on Ukraine. And, according to the latest updates Vladimir Putin has warned any countries attempting to interfere in Ukraine would be met with a “lightning-fast” response from Moscow. Russia has warned other EU customers may be cut off from Russian natural gas supplies if they refuse to pay in roubles. However, the White House denounced Russia’s move to cut off energy supplies to Poland and Bulgaria. Press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters at a daily briefing on Wednesday: “Unfortunately this is the type of step, the type of almost weaponising energy supplies that we had predicted that Russia could take in this conflict.” Commenting on this Volodymyr Zelenskiy described Russia’s actions as amounting to “energy blackmail” against Europe in his nightly national address. Zelenskiy said Russia’s decision to cut off gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria shows “no one in Europe can hope to maintain any normal economic cooperation with Russia”.