The Berkshire Hathaway all-day meeting will kick off in Omaha on Wednesday, October 19th.

Berkshire Hathaway Inc will hold its hotly anticipated annual shareholder meeting in person on Saturday for the first time since before the pandemic, where shareholders will have the chance to quiz Buffett on everything from corporate governance, potential new investments and Buffett’s views on the economy.

Buffett, 91, chairman and chief executive officer of Berkshire, and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger, 98, will answer shareholder questions for roughly five hours when the meeting convenes in Omaha, Nebraska. Joining them will be Vice Chairmen Greg Abel, Buffett’s designated successor as CEO, and Ajit Jain.

Still, these may not stand a high chance of success until Buffett himself steps aside.

Many shareholders, however, attend for more than just the annual meeting.

Events around the city over three days include a 5-km run(3.11 miles), shareholder shopping from dozens of Berkshire-owned businesses at the downtown CHI Health Center arena where the meeting takes place, and several private investing conferences.