Sport Minister offers woman ‘1 Cr/month to flee’ after she accuses him of harassment

Sport Minister offers woman '1 Cr/month to flee' after she accuses him of harassment
Sport Minister offers woman '1 Cr/month to flee' after she accuses him of harassment

She claims she has been offered Rs 1 crore for a month to flee the country by the former Haryana Sports Minister Sandeep Singh, according to a statement published on Wednesday, January 4.

“I’m receiving phone calls telling me I can leave and go to any country and receive Rs 1 crore for a month,” said the woman player who accused then Haryana Sports minister Sandeep Singh of sexual harassment. Rather than retracting my complaint, I have been instructed to keep quiet and move to another country.

The official was informed in detail about the formation of a Special Investigation Team (SIT). She added, “ML Khattar is trying to influence the investigation. The incident took place in Chandigarh. I am being pressured to remain silent.”

According to Dipanshu Bansal’s attorney, the Haryana Chief Minister formed a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to investigate the case. The SIT was told everything. Why are police not arresting Sandeep Singh? It is a non-bailable offense. Sandeep Singh hasn’t been called even once, but she has been called four times.”

On Monday, January 4, the former national-level player expressed hope that action would be taken. Anil Vij, the state’s home minister, met with her before she made her statement. “The Home Minister has always helped us. Ever since he was the Sports Minister, there have been a lot of expectations from him,” she said.

He has always been helpful. After meeting Vij today, she expressed her confidence that he would hear her and be on the side of justice. As a player myself, I wonder how much patience I would have to have to tolerate such ill behavior from February to now,” said the coach, who was afraid of a negative impact on the sports industry if she opened up about the incident earlier.

Despite my efforts, he created an atmosphere so formal that a girl would automatically go to him. He did not desist from his behavior and I lost patience,” she said.

It was only after losing patience that the complainant decided to open up to the public. According to her, other victims who are hesitant to speak up will definitely do so once he resigns and is behind bars.

In response to a complaint filed with the Chandigarh police, Sandeep Singh was arrested for sexually harassing a junior athletics coach. In response, the minister has called for an independent investigation and dismissed the charge as baseless.

An FIR has been filed against Haryana Sports Minister Sandeep Singh following a complaint by a female coach accusing him of sexual harassment. An investigation has been launched into the matter,” the Chandigarh police informed. A case has been filed under sections 354, 354A, 354B, 342, and 506 IPC.

The former captain of the Indian National Hockey team, Sandeep Singh, was part of the Indian team that won the silver medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.