Shah Rukh Khan will be burned alive: Ayodhya seer

Shah Rukh Khan will be burned alive: Ayodhya seer
Shah Rukh Khan will be burned alive: Ayodhya seer

Ayodhya’s seers have now weighed in on the controversy surrounding Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan.

Tapasvi Chhavni’s Mahant Paramhans Acharya has stated that if he ever met Shah Rukh Khan, he would burn him alive.

The song “Besharam Rang” insults the saffron color, according to Paramhans Acharya.

‘People of our Sanatan Dharma protest continuously against this. Today, we burned the poster of Shahrukh Khan. If I meet the film Jihadi Shah Rukh Khan, I will burn him alive,’ the seer declared.

Acharya did not stop there. According to him, if the film Pathaan were released in theaters, he would burn them down.

Additionally, he called on people to boycott Pathaan.

A protest against the film had also been made earlier by Mahant Raju Das, the priest of Hanuman Garhi.

There are protests by politicians and right-wing supporters over saffron-coloured outfits in the film’s song “Besharam Rang”.

Meanwhile, amid protests, Shah Rukh Khan, in his address at the 28th Kolkata International Film Festival (KIFF) inauguration ceremony in Kolkata, said that social media, which is often driven by narrow views that limit human nature to its baser self, has shaped collective narratives in recent times.

Shah Rukh Khan, who is also West Bengal’s brand ambassador, said, “This sense of negativity often increases social media consumption, leading to a more divisive and destructive collective narrative.” This message of collective narrative is now being spread more effectively through cinema, he said.