Salman Khan’s security increased after the ‘tera Moose Wala Hoga’ threat

Maharashtra’s home department has beefed up Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s security a day after a

death threat letter was sent to him

and his father, Salim Khan, on Sunday, June 5.

Salim Khan’s guards had spotted an
“Mihara Moose Wala kar denge (you will end up like Moose Wala),” scribbled on it at Mumbai’s Bandra Bandstand promenade.

The letter was addressed to actor Salman Khan and his father, Salim Khan.

The police have registered an FIR. According to the police, Salim Khan went to the promenade for a walk around 7:40 am and sat on the bench he usually sits on. The letter was found there.

“Salim Khan informed the police through his security guard. His statement has been recorded and an offence registered under the Indian Penal Code for ‘criminal intimidation,” they said.

The letter, which was handed over to the police read, “Salim Khan Salman Khan bahot jald tumahra Moosewala hoga k.G.B.L.B”.