Salman Khan’s favourite horse Paramvir arrives at Faridkot Horse Show

Faridkot, February 18

An annual four-day horse show was organized in Faridkot in which horse breeders and horse lovers from all over India participated. In this horse show, two black horses of Marwari were riding and these two horses were in the discussion throughout the horse show.

These horses named Paramvir and Devraj were talked about as expensive bids but the owners of these two horses refused to sell them, where Bollywood star Salman Khan approached his owner to buy Paramvir horse. Horse lovers were willing to pay a blank check to buy Devraj.

A four-day horse show was organized in Faridkot in which two black horses of Marwari type Paramvir and Devraj were the center of attraction. Sheikh Mohammad Nadeem, a resident of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, who owns a Paramvir horse, said that he has a two-toothed Kala Shah Marwari horse named Paramvir. He said that seeing the beauty of this horse, many people wanted to buy it, one of whom is Bollywood star Salman Khan. Salman’s team had valued the horse at Rs 5 crore but he refused to sell his horse to Paramvir.

“We have no intention of selling it yet,” he said. He said that Paramvir’s grandparents and his mother are all champions. That is why Paramvir is also in great demand. On the other hand, if we talk about the black Shah Marwari horse Devraj, who was the main attraction in this horse show, then its owner Sunny Gill said that Devraj’s first five children have become India champions. He said that many horse lovers tried to buy Devraj by paying a blank check but we do not want to sell it. We have kept it for our hobby. In reply to another question, he said that today the owner of Paramvir horse and horse lover Sheikh Mohammad Nadeem had priced it up to Rs 5 crore to buy it but we are not going to sell it.