RSS shakhas now means for helping Covid patients

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PRAYAGRAJ, April 26: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has begun e-shakhas, an online version of its daily activities. This is consistent with the Covid-19 social distancing protocol. “Shakha is intended to instil in people the habit of doing things together as a community,” said Purvi Uttar Pradesh Kshetra Sewa Pramukh of RSS Naval Kishore. It is a regular gathering of swayamsevaks from a locality who perform an operation together for one hour. Shakhas and regular meetings are now held online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.” E-shakhas have emerged as a new means for swayamsevaks to communicate and solicit assistance for those in need.

The shakhas of the Sangh are a forum that allows its volunteers (swayamsevaks) to stay in touch and plan their roles in society. “Each of us has a smartphone, and we use it to keep in touch in order to keep a jeevant jeevan sampark” (lively conversation). Devendra Asthana, Sewa Pramukh, Awadh Prant, Purvi UP Kshetra, said, “Ek doosre ka haal chaal poochte hain (enquire about each other).” E-shakhas are more common in towns, especially those where the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc. The RSS’s central unit recently released an order allowing for online shakhas.

“We are opening Covid centres on a daily basis and at a rapid rate, mostly to assist patients who have tested positive and have a large family but a small home. Patients that have tested positive and only need isolation can be admitted to these facilities, according to Kishore. Swayamsevaks provide all appropriate treatment and supplies to these patients. Shakhas assist in reaching out to these patients.