Home National Robber bride rans away after robbing 27 grooms

Robber bride rans away after robbing 27 grooms

Robber bride rans away after robbing 27 grooms

Srinagar, July 15 ( P2P News ): A woman from Rajouri district in Jammu Kashmir who allegedly defrauded more than two dozen men from Kashmir by marrying them and then escaping. The men approached the police with missing reports of their wives, but when they showed the photographs, it turned out to be the same woman in all the pictures.

According to one resident named Abdul Ahad Mir, he was approached by a marriage broker who showed him photographs of a woman from Rajouri for marriage. The broker promised to arrange the marriage for Mir’s son if he paid him two lakhs. Mir and his family, along with some relatives, traveled to Rajouri and booked hotel rooms, but the broker kept delaying the marriage. They were told that the girl had met an accident, and half of the money was returned. However, later the broker demanded the money back and showed them photographs of another girl. When they agreed to marry, the woman was brought to them at night.

On the same night, the family returned to Kashmir, but a few days later, the woman asked her husband to get a hospital ticket for her checkup. When he came back, she had vanished from the spot. Another victim’s father mentioned that they had given gold worth more than five lakhs as a guarantee for the woman.

Another victim’s brother, Abdul Rashid, said that the woman was shown to them at night, and the marriage was performed around the same time. However, she only stayed at their house for ten days in Chadoora Budgam before disappearing from the hospital. Mohammed Altaf Mir, another resident of Budgam, claimed that he too was married to the woman, but she vanished from their house during the night, taking everything with her.

Nisar Ahmed, another resident of Budgam, said that the woman went to the hospital with his mother and escaped from there as well. The lawyer representing the victims stated that this is a large-scale racket involving multiple people. The woman used different names on the marriage documents, such as Zaheen, Ilayas, and Shaheena, making it difficult to determine her real name. It is reported that in Budgam alone, she has married at least twenty-seven men with the help of the brokers involved in the scam


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