PWD tender scam: officers did not spare even CM and Governor’s suits from corruption.

Kapurthala House

Chandigarh, February 2 ( P2P) : The layers of the tender scam flourishing in the PWD department are being revealed more and more. Now it has come to the fore that even in the tender for repair of the set of rooms for the Chief Minister, Governor etc. in Kapurthala House, Delhi. Rigging has been done. This tender was for an amount of more than 45 lakhs. In order to get the tender for his favorite contractor, he did not allow any other contractor to give tender so that there could be no competition. Those tenders which are 10 to 20 percent less than the reserve price in the competition, whereas these tenders were given to the preferred contractor for just one and a half percent less.

The Vigilance Bureau had asked the PWD department to list all the tenders held during the time of Vijayindra Singla, who was a minister in the previous government, and the full list of officers who issued tenders. According to the information, the department has also given the lists of half incomplete tenders to the Vigilance. Such tenders are being hidden. In the previous government, on December 30, 2021, tenders were held for the repair of the set of rooms, central hall, corridor, outer room and outer area of the Chief Minister and Governor’s rooms in Kapurthala House, Delhi, in which only one contractor’s tender came and he got it. Only the contract was allotted. But it is still a mystery as to who stopped other contractors from filling the tender and on whose instructions it was stopped. Whereas in this matter only the instructions of the former minister are being told. In this tender, like other controversial tenders, the contractor has given only 1. Got the tender at 55 percent less price. Whereas in the competition, such tenders are obtained at a lower rate of 10 to 20 percent. The favorite contractor was happy with this, but the department and the government were cheated of lakhs. When SE Bains of the department was contacted about this, he refused to tell anything.