Punjab ready to give Haryana’s share

Speaker of Haryana Legislative Assembly Gyan chand Gupta has made such a claim. On Friday, the Speaker of the Haryana Legislative Assembly met Punjab Assembly Speaker Rana K P singh . Talking to the media, the Haryana speaker said that Rana K P has assured to initiate the proceedings of handing over the area of its part to the building of the Haryana Legislative Assembly by convening a meeting of secretaries of both assemblies. Gupta expressed confidence that the Haryana Assembly would soon get the rest of its building. In the year 1966, assembly building was divided under sixty forty ratio formula to Punjab and Haryana But the Haryana Legislative Assembly has not yet got this entire share. The 16 rooms built in part of Haryana are still in the possession of the Punjab Legislative Assembly. The Haryana Legislative Assembly met the Punjab Legislative Assembly Speaker today to take it. This issue has been raised for the first time at the level of the Speaker. The case was closed for a long time, but during a joint session of the Punjab and Haryana Legislative Assembly last month, the Haryana MLAs who joined the Punjab Legislative Assembly had realized their small building.