On Oct 16, Amit Shah will launch Hindi books for MBBS students in Bhopal

On Oct 16, Amit Shah will launch Hindi books for MBBS students in Bhopal
On Oct 16, Amit Shah will launch Hindi books for MBBS students in Bhopal

The books for medical education in Hindi will be launched on Sunday by Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan.

Madhya Pradesh will be the first state in the country to start the MBBS Hindi course at Lal Parade ground in Bhopal. In the beginning, only three subjects will be taught in Hindi: Anatomy, Physiology, and Biochemistry.

Vishwas Sarang, the state minister of medical education, told ANI, “We are trying our best to promote Hindi, under which we translate courses into the language. The first phase introduced three subjects. The translation of the second-year courses is underway. Hindi books will be available in the college, which will benefit students.”

As a result, we have started the first experiment in 75 years as many countries like Germany, Russia, China, France, and other colleges now teach in their regional languages.

Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, has been working on translating English books into Hindi for the last 232 days with 97 experts. The work has also been reviewed continuously by Sarang.

During Sarang’s explanation of Mandar, where the translation work is going on, he said that, as the god churned Mandarachal (Mandar mountain) during Samundra Manthan, the doctors had academic brainstorming in Mandar (War room), which is why it is named Mandar.

The translator said, “It wasn’t an easy task, but we prepared it in very easy language. It will be useful for the students in their studies.”

Sodium, Potassium, Water Homeostasis, Biochemistry Techniques, Radiation, Radioisotopes, and Environmental Pollutants and Toxins are included in the new edition of Medical Biochemistry.

To make information more memorable, several new line diagrams, tables, and text boxes have been added.

A new chapter on surface anatomy has also been added to the abdomen and lower limb sections of the Anatomy edition. To increase the retention of knowledge, new line diagrams, CT and MRI diagram tables, and flow charts are included.