More leaders of Manipur rushed to Delhi yet again, N Biren Singh said.

Imphal: More than a week after the BJP won an absolute majority in the Manipur Assembly elections, both acting Chief Minister N Biren Singh and senior BJP MLA Th Biswajit Singh have been projected as frontrunners for the post. The question is whether ‘groupism’ within the coalition will be detrimental to its performance.

On Saturday, the two political leaders made their way to Delhi for the second time in a row. Sources indicate that they will be naming a Chief Minister by tomorrow. The MLAs left for Delhi earlier today on separate flights from BJP’s top brass and members of ANI were pictured arriving at Amit Shah’s residence tonight after Biren Singh arrived.”Despite not being in any leadership position, as an individual I am just one who works under my party,” Biren Singh said about his possible nomination for CM or other post which might come available soon enough

The acting Chief Minister, who had come to Delhi to meet BJP’s Central leadership and talk about the formation of the government in Manipur, made this comment.

After the results of the election were announced, Biswajit, Th Birn Singh and BJP president Sharda Devi went to Delhi on March 15. A final decision will be taken by the BJP parliamentary board. The party is presently in charge of Manipur’s administration with two local parties.The Congress had emerged as single largest party last year but joined forces with NPP and NPF to form a government this time around however; they opted not to contest alone picking up 32 seats out of 60 total seats in assembly we get an overview about how many people are partaking in politics today