Mewnix Worst Web Hosting Honest Review 2021

Mewnix Worst Web Hosting Honest Review 2021

Some Web Hosting Companies will try to put you in trap of buying their hosting plans with good sales pitch and later on put you in regret . Mewnix is one of them and is worst web hosting to buy. Mewnix is a fraud company and is run by 2-3 youngsters who are looting their client’s money. Here is Mewnix Worst Web Hosting Honest Review 2021 with proofs.

Mewnix Worst Web Hosting Honest Review 2021

Why You Should Not Trust This Fraud Company Mewnix ?

As a client of this web hosting company I have experienced many worst things on their server. Do you know what ? This is just a reseller hosting company with no support/service. They don’t have knowledge about hosting. They know nothing about WordPress. They have listed many plans on their website. But it’s a scam.

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I bought cloud dedicated hosting plan from them and literally it had the poorest server speed. I was tired of using it and kept trying on support for 3-4 months and later on got a call from Mewnix Executive who said that they gave me Shared Hosting plan and will change it now and promised me a dedicated account manager on Whatsapp/Call.

I was okay with that as at least they will provide me good support now.

So as they say ‘We provide Free Migrations’ . Literally, it’s a scam . So I wanted to move a website from other hosting. They said they ll do it and kept delaying from long time and my old hosting was expired.

I called them and said about this. Mewnix told me to renew that hosting they will do it now. Now again same thing happened and they couldn’t do it.

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So nothing changed it kept happening same every day and one day i was fed up from them and asked that refuse if you don’t want to migrate my website and he talked very aggressively and guess what message I received. First check old chats of mine and then later on when I called them and said if you don’t want to give support just say ‘NO’.

Congratulations! Mewnix showed its real face. This is what they do with clients if clients ask them for a clear response. I paid Mewnix more than 5000Rs/Year for a cloud hosting plan , when it was time for payment these guys kept calling me from morning till night to pay and start with service. After 2 weeks only they showed who they actually are.

Do you know worst thing about Mewnix?

Their own website sometimes redirects to a cheap website. You can see it here :

Okay so here i am attaching few screenshots of my chat with Mewnix. They have poorest server on earth. They hacked my sites and later on ignored me and till now no reply. I later on had a call with Mewnix and they told me to create ticket for issues they will fix it asap as I am their cloud team client but they closed my ticket without responding. They kept telling me that Anand is my dedicated account manager and when called Anand he says he have nothing to do with me or my hosting plan its not his job . These are just some cheap guys playing with panels and have no experience about hosting and how to talk to clients . If anyone wants further review of Mewnix , you can contact me @ +917340746510.

Trust me they have fake testimonials on their websites with their name only. If you are smart you know it too. Here I end up with Mewnix Worst Web Hosting Review 2021. I have more proofs to prove them as a fraud company. They said they provide free malware cleaning , free migrations, daily backups, dedicated account manager. It’s all fake. Mewnix is a fake scam fraud website you should not trust. It has not happened with me only, many people are regretting for buying this hosting ( I got proofs ) . Even free hosting will give better support than them.

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Some Reviews On Mewnix

Real Face Of Mewnix after reading my review Instead of solving issue, they abused me!