Home Entertainment Maxican Mayor gets married to crocodile

Maxican Mayor gets married to crocodile

Maxican Mayor gets married to crocodile

Maxico ( North America ): July 3 – The marriage ritual between the mayor of San Pedro Huamelula and the crocodile, “La Niña Princesa,” is a unique and traditional ceremony that has been practiced for 230 years in the town. It symbolizes the union between the Chontal and Huave Indigenous groups and commemorates the peace between the two cultures.

During the ceremony, the mayor embodies the Chontal king and weds the crocodile, which represents the “princess girl” in local lore, symbolizing the coming together of the two communities. The ritual allows the people to connect with the earth and seek blessings for rain, crop germination, and overall harmony in the region.

Before the wedding takes place, the crocodile is taken to people’s houses for dancing. The reptile is dressed in elaborate attire, and its snout is bound shut for safety. The wedding ceremony itself occurs at the town hall, where the local fisherman expresses hopes for good fishing and prosperity for the community.

The event is a celebration of cultural unity and brings happiness to the people of San Pedro Huamelula. The mayor dances with the crocodile bride, and the ceremony concludes with the mayor planting a kiss on the reptile’s snout, signifying their union.

It’s essential to note that such ceremonies are deeply rooted in local traditions and beliefs and hold significant cultural importance for the people of San Pedro Huamelula. These practices may seem unusual from an outside perspective, but they are essential for the communities involved and their understanding of their cultural heritage and connection with nature.


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