Ludhiana tops in list of crime, Police one year accounting.

Ludhiana, Dec.26 (P2P): Cases of drugs, liquor, intoxicants topped the list of crimes released by Ludhiana police this year. As per police, however, a special campaign was launched to curb the menace of drugs in society. 555 cases were registered against various drug smugglers under the provisions of the NDPS Act. As a result of these efforts 733 accused persons were arrested. 

With the concerted efforts of Ludhiana Police 27 kg of Opium, 645 Kg of Poppy Husk, 19 Kg of Heroin, 209 Kg of Ganja, 1.4 Kg of Charas, 600 gm of Smack, 5 Kg of Narcotic Powder and 1.8 Lakhs Intoxicating banned pills were recovered in the year 2019. Police say that special efforts were made to identify the drug prone areas and to eradicate the drug problems in those areas. 

In this regard, Drug Prone Areas of Ghora Colony and village Chaunta were cordoned and searched to instill fear in the minds of drug smugglers. People involved in the smuggling of liquor were also dealt with heavy hands. A total of 720 cases were registered against 864 persons and 465 liters of illicit Liquor, 7112 Liters of Licit liquor, 47174 liters of English Wine, 465 Liters of Beer, 510 Kg of Bhang, 50 Kg of Lahan with one working still were recovered during this year. 

However, according to police, it has been proved to be a successful year for the Ludhiana Police because the year 2019, Ludhiana Commissionerate did a commendable job in every sector to build a sense of security in the minds of the general public. As a result of these sustained efforts, no major incident occurred during the year 2019 in the jurisdiction of the Commissionerate. 

As far as action against crime and criminals are concerned, in the year of 2019 56 cases of murder were registered within the jurisdiction of Ludhiana, out of which 54 were traced out. The two undetected cases involve migrant persons whose identity has not been established till now. This year Ludhiana Police was able to neutralize 32 various dreaded criminal Gangs involving 148 accused some of whom were notorious gangsters involved in 120 criminal cases of heinous crimes. 

As a result of dedicated efforts and thorough investigation, 26 Pistols, 86 Vehicles, 16 Laptop, 13 LEDs, 152 Mobile Phones were recovered along with a cash amount of 17 Lakhs from such criminals, as police say. 

Apart from this, a huge sum of cash was also recovered during the arrest of various accused persons in the offenses of theft, Robbery, and Dacoity. All the 21 cases of Dacoity were traced with the recovery of 46 Lakhs worth of case property. 

Out of the 11 robbery cases, 8 were successfully worked out with recovery of 36.7 Lakhs. Total 311 cases of mobile and gold chain snatching were successfully traced out of a total of 397 cases registered. Similarly, 205 out of304 cases of theft and burglary were traced out with the recovery of more than 3.23 Crores.