‘Least secure’ country in world: Afghanistan

'Least secure' country in world: Afghanistan
'Least secure' country in world: Afghanistan

Despite unabated violations of human rights in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, local media reported the country is the world’s “least secure” country, according to the Gallup Law and Order Index.

A survey was conducted to evaluate the safety and security of citizens in around 120 countries. A report by Khaama Press indicates that Afghanistan has retained its title as the world’s “least peaceful” country for the past five years.
According to the survey, Afghanistan scored 51 because people felt safe in their communities or had been prone to theft or assault during the previous year.
Although Afghanistan’s 2021 score was low, it improved from its previous result in 2019, which was 43. When US troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 2021, Gallup conducted surveys.
Khaama Press reported that Singapore was rated as the most secure country, with 96 points.

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the country has consistently ranked as the least safe for people to walk alone at night according to Gallup research.
A nationwide economic, financial, and humanitarian crisis of unprecedented proportion has exacerbated the human rights situation since the Taliban seized power in Kabul last year.
The killings, explosions, and attacks perpetrated in the region have become a regular occurrence, with unabated human rights violations, including the murders of civilians, destruction of mosques and temples, assaults on women, and fueling of terror.
Women’s aid workers were prevented from doing their jobs, and women’s rights protesters were attacked by the Taliban who dismantled the system to respond to gender-based violence.
As a result of the withdrawal of US troops, large-scale violence has engulfed the country, creating political uncertainty. UNAMA estimates that at least 59 percent of the population now requires humanitarian assistance – an increase of 6 million people since 2021.