Keep these things in the store room to avoid financial loss

Vastu Shastra has a lot of importance in our life. According to it, everything has a place. Especially the things kept in the house.

A lot of attention has been paid in Vastu to what and where should be kept in the house. Everything has positive and negative forces. If you do not put something in its right place, then the positive energy of that object turns into negative. The store room, a considered that part of a house which is ‘very useless’. It is often used by people to keep their useless or unused items.

But do you know what we are the things which should not be kept in the store room? Today in Vastu Shastra, we are going to tell you which things should not be kept in your store room.

Rusty material

According to Vastu Shastra, you should not keep rusty things in your house. We often keep such items in the store room. But such items should be kept away from the house as by this, the path of progress gets blocked.

Do not keep brass utensils

There used to be a time when people ate food in brass utensils only. But with the changing times, the trend has also stopped. In such a situation, people often pick up their old brass utensils and keep them in the store room. According to Vastu Shastra, this should not be done even by mistake. Actually, Shani Dev resides in the yellow pot. Due to this you may have to face problems in everything you do.