Jet Airways is set to make a comeback with an all-female cabin crew.

Jet Airways is all set to resume full-swing operations soon, and as such has announced that for the first phase of its start-up process it will be using an entirely female cabin crew.

The aviation company confirmed that it will hire male cabin crew members once it reaches a certain operational scale. It is following in the footsteps of Vistara, which had started hiring male cabin crew about three years after its launch. Jet Airways had stopped flying on April 17, 2019 and is now currently in the process of re-launching operations under its new promoters Jalan-Kalrock Consortium with veteran Sanjiv Kapoor taking charge as CEO on April 4th. In a statement released Sunday by Jet Airways spokesperson said “We have only qualified staff from NCR to operate our flights.”
Output: The aviation company has announced that they will start hiring males for their flight attendants when they reach an operational capacity appropriate for such hires to be made – most likely around a year’s time or so if not sooner; just this week Vistara began employing men where there was demand (i.e., because women weren’t applying!). Meanwhile, long story short: Jet Airways has been grounded since April 17th due to mounting financial losses but should resume service very soon thanks largely to sponsors who are providing funding and management support; meanwhile former Air India executive Sanjiv Kapoor has taken over as CEO last month (April).

“Several of them have worked with Jet Airways in the past.” The airline will receive its air operator certificate (AOC) after it conducts successful proving flights. “While we only have women in our cabin crew at this time, as an equal opportunity employer, we will be having male cabin crew once we reach a certain operational scale,” said a spokesperson.Jet Airways has always operated with gender-neutral hiring policy, and that continues to be the case according to their latest statement. “The airline proudly operated with mixed-gender crews before and also hired men for pilot positions when they reached critical mass back then,” mentioned spokesman.’

The spokesperson mentioned that it is one of the very few airlines in India that has male cabin crew members, as they believe this to be the right thing to do. “The initial women-only crew is only because we need more time for rostering and training and layover costs so our staff size remains small,” said their spokesperson. IndiGo Airlines, India’s largest airline which operates with only female cabin crew members will be hiring men in its workforce soon enough.” SpiceJet, Go First Airline and AirAsia India also have male cabin crews on their payrolls. Output: The spokesman mentions how it should be noted how there are a couple Indian airlines who currently hire males despite being predominantly staffed by females – IndiGo Airlines being one example of such an organisation – but that these entities still employ exclusively female decision makers or managers (or pilots).