Indian politics will be changed significantly with the election of a BJP government in Himachal Pradesh.

The Congress will be wiped out politically in India, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur of Himachal Pradesh has claimed.

The BJP’s claim on Friday that it will form its government in Himachal Pradesh has been met with support from the people of India, including those living there, as they are fully behind the party due to its pro-people policies.

Talking to media at the closing function of the four-day national-level Holi festival at Sujanpur Tira on Friday night, Thakur said that the Congress party was doing negative politics in Himachal Pradesh and would meet its fate as it met in states where elections were held recently.

He commented that it would be wiped out of the political scenario in India.

He also ruled out any Cabinet reshuffle at this time.

At present, there was no change going on in the state Cabinet, he said.

He said his government had done well in the Vidhan Sabha elections and that it would repeat those successes in 2022.

On the protests by government employees, he said that they always had the right to protest and seek redress. However, what is happening now just doesn’t make sense!

He said that the state government had already accepted most of their demands.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath presided over the closing ceremony of Holi Utsav by participating in Shobha Yatra at Sujanpur, Hamirpur district.

Thousands of people dressed in their traditional best participated in a procession from almost all parts of the district to visit Shobha Devi temple.