Home Main Story Independence-Day : PM Modi calls for war against corruption, dynasties, appeasement

Independence-Day : PM Modi calls for war against corruption, dynasties, appeasement

Independence-Day :  PM Modi calls for war against corruption, dynasties, appeasement

. In this speech, Prime Minister Modi addressed the nation and outlined his vision for transforming India into a developed nation by 2047, the 100th anniversary of India’s independence. He discussed various challenges that need to be overcome, including corruption, dynastic politics, and appeasement.

Key points from the speech include:

  1. Call to Eradicate Evils: Prime Minister Modi urged the citizens of India to work together to eliminate corruption, dynastic politics, and appeasement. He emphasized that these issues have been hindering the nation’s progress and potential.
  2. Corruption: Prime Minister Modi stressed the importance of waging a war against corruption in all sectors. He noted that corruption has undermined various systems and needs to be tackled aggressively.
  3. Dynastic Politics: The Prime Minister criticized family-based political parties and dynastic politics, stating that they have deprived the people of their rights and hindered the progress of talented individuals. He highlighted the need to remove dynasties from politics for national development.
  4. Appeasement: Prime Minister Modi condemned appeasement politics, which he believed had harmed social justice and the nation’s character. He called for an end to such practices to ensure a better future for upcoming generations.
  5. Vision for Future: The Prime Minister expressed his confidence in winning the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections and reiterated his commitment to fighting corruption and advancing the nation’s progress. He referred to the promise of change made in 2014 and the trust he had earned from the people through his leadership.
  6. Unity and National Character: Prime Minister Modi emphasized the importance of national unity and character in the country’s progress. He called for actions that would uphold and strengthen these values.
  7. Achievements and Future Growth: The Prime Minister highlighted his government’s achievements over the previous nine years and expressed optimism that India would become one of the top three global economies based on its democracy, demography, and diversity.
  8. Distress and Assurance: Prime Minister Modi expressed distress over the violence in Manipur and assured the nation that efforts would be made to restore peace in the region.


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