In state survey, foreign students are second highest

In state survey, foreign students are second highest
In state survey, foreign students are second highest

In addition to sending the most students abroad, Punjab also houses the second most foreign students.

Union Ministry of Education’s 11th All-India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE) 2020-21 revealed this fact. According to the survey, there are 48,035 foreign students enrolled in higher education in the country. Higher education institutions in Punjab enroll 13.65 percent of foreign students. Among the states with the most foreign students are Karnataka (8,137), Punjab (6,557), Maharashtra (4,912), Uttar Pradesh (4,654), Tamil Nadu (3,685), Delhi (2,809), Gujarat (2,646), Andhra Pradesh (2,385) and Odisha (2,180).

According to the gender breakdown of foreign students in Punjab, 3,551 are males and 1,376 are females.

Nepal contributes 28.25 percent of foreign students, followed by Afghanistan 8.4 percent, Bangladesh 5.7 percent, and the United States 5.1 percent.

United Arab Emirates (4.8%), Bhutan (3.8%), Sudan (3.3%), Nigeria (2.9%), Tanzania (2.7%) and Yemen (2.3%) are among the top 10 countries from which students come to India. Students from these top 10 countries are more likely to be male than female.

Students from abroad are most likely to choose B.Tech as their discipline of study. According to the survey, there are 13 programs with more than 1,000 foreign students each, accounting for more than 75 percent of foreign students.

It is estimated that 11245 students are enrolled in BTech courses in the country, following by BSc courses (3,439), BBA courses (3,314), BCom courses (2,605), BE courses (2,541), MBA courses (2,099), BPharma courses (2,021) and BCA courses (1,918). There are a total of 1,817 students enrolled in the BA program, with 51.6% of them female. There are 944 students enrolled in the MBBS program and 1,444 students enrolled in the PhD program.