Identify which other tech giants harvest big data: Google collects the most data

Identify which other tech giants harvest big data: Google collects the most data

According to a report published on Monday, Google collects more data than Twitter, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook combined.

Google harvests the most data about its users out of the five major digital companies, according to an analysis by

“The majority of people do not have time or patience to read privacy policies for every website they visit, which can be several pages long. Edith Reads, a spokesperson for, said it is highly unlikely that all users have a background in law to fully understand the privacy policy.

Furthermore, users lack the time, patience, or energy to try to figure out what information websites are storing and how they are using it for their own benefit. By agreeing to Google’s privacy policy terms, users allow the company to collect all the data they need,” Reads explained.

Most of your data is tracked by Google, according to the report. Due to the fact that their entire business model relies on data, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. In both Twitter and Facebook, more information is saved than is necessary.

Facebook, however, stores most of the information that its users enter. In terms of protecting user privacy, Apple is a league above Amazon. It is one of the most privacy-conscious companies out there. Users’ accounts are only stored with the information necessary to maintain them.

According to the report, their website is not as dependent on advertising revenue as Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

In each of these data firms, the focus is on a specific type of data, rather than a large amount of data. Individual users’ information is collected by Google in more diverse ways. Instead of using third-party trackers, the firm uses this data for targeted advertising.