“I didn’t get the job” snigger from a UK firm that Rishi Sunak wasn’t prepared for

"I didn't get the job" snigger from a UK firm that Rishi Sunak wasn't prepared for

Earlier this week, former Indian-origin chancellor Rishi Sunak lost to UK foreign secretary Liz Truss in the race for British Prime Minister.

Sunak knew he was going to lose, but he wasn’t prepared for the brutal advertising campaign launched by a recruitment company in the UK against him.

With its new billboards seen across the country, CV Library, a UK job-based site, poked fun at Rishi Sunak.

There was a picture of Rishi Sunak next to the slogan of the company’s campaign: “Didn’t get the job?”, followed by the tagline “Find your dream job here.”

A Linkedin user wrote, “Disgraceful! It doesn’t matter who the photo is of, whether it’s Rishi, Liz, Boris, Tony, Margaret etc; If your child didn’t get the job they wanted, will we laugh? I suppose it’s okay if they were in the public eye.”

Earlier this year, the same recruitment company had also mocked Boris Johnson with an advertisement. You resigned today? Find a new job that suits you.”

Richmond (Yorks) in North Yorkshire is represented by Rishi Sunak as a member of parliament since 2015. He said he will remain committed to his constituency after losing the PM race.