Humans raping animals too!

Dolly Chopra
Chandigarh, December 9

People behave worse than an animal. The number of cases of animals being raped is horrifying, even to those souls that are fairly desensitized now to animals being beaten up and physically harmed for brutal sport.
To protect animals, Wildlife Protection Act is taken very seriously across the country.
But this remains in the ‘Protection Act’ only, nobody care about animals, how people are brutally raping them, how people are mistreating with them…nobody cares!
Not only women who are being raped but animals too. Humans shamelessly doing heinous crimes.
Recently, a case came to the light when drug addicts raped a female dog and threw her out from top floor, the dog found dead on spot.
Acts of cruelty to animals such as this one indicate a deep mental disturbance. Research in psychology and criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty to animals often don’t stop there – many move on to hurting humans.
Animal cruelty needs to be taken seriously! More people need to report animal cruelty and push the police to take action.
Also in July 2018, NCR remained shocked after a pregnant goat had died after being gang-raped by eight men in Haryana’s Mewat district. The goat’s owner had registered a police complaint on July 26 after he discovered that the goat was missing, and on searching, he reached the site of the incident.
Last year in Delhi-NCR, two cases of animals being raped were registered. One of the cases has shown a suspect from Ghaziabad, where a bitch was recovered from a road after the suspected person tied the animal to his bike and drove the vehicle.
A case is under trial in a court. Also for the first time in west Delhi’s Naraina Area in August 2018, Naresh, a local cab driver had allegedly raped and killed a female puppy.
Aman was arrested for allegedly raping cows at a shelter in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. “CCTV footage shows the man doing unspeakable acts with seven cows one by one. We have caught him and brought to the police station. The act has left us distraught, we are unable to understand this,” the teary-eyed priest said.
According to Delhi High Court order on December 2017, cases of cruelty against animals should be registered.
If the human urge to rape cannot be controlled, it is time we consider tying humans up, rather than animals.