However, AAP is not an alternative to BJP in Assam – they are the alternative.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has announced that they will become the only alternative for the people of Assam if Congress can’t compete with the BJP. As such, this shift in focus towards AAP is a hopeful sign for the future of Assamese politics. The party has also stated that it wants to take on all major political parties in Assam, including those within Congress and BJP.

This was said by Rajesh Sharma, National Observer for AAP, which is a news outlet set up by the party in order to campaign for the Guwahati Municipal elections. According to Sharma, the AAP is expected to contest all 60 wards of the city and raise candidates for all of them. The 5-point agenda includes things like drinking water, cleanliness, street lights, garbage disposal (including CCTV), and schools.

The AAP has specifically raised the issue of drinking water ahead of the municipal elections in Guwahati. “Drinking water is a big problem in Guwahati and for so many years, there was BJP, Congress, and Asom Gana Parishad but there is still a drinking water problem. We have done studies on this issue and we want to work on this,” said Rajesh Sharma.There was massive volunteer enrollment exercise in the Guwahati head office of the AAP today as part of their preparations for upcoming municipal elections next year. Many people had joined the party recently in Assam due to recent successes being attained by it both federally and state-wise.

The Assam AAP President Bhaben Choudhury has stated that the party wants to deal with corruption, which is the root cause of many problems in India. He added that there is a requirement for change in Indian politics and this requires removing corrupt officials from positions.