How To Lock Facebook Profile On Android/ iOS

Facebook new lock profile feature provides enhanced privacy options so that you can show up your Facebook profile public accessible details to your friends only. You may have seen that people with a fake profile or name are misusing other’s information such as images and profile details available on Facebook.

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This feature helps to unauthorized access of profile details and photos available on your profile. After enabling this feature on your profile, it adds a lock option to your profile that restricts someone to see your profile details. Follow the below steps to lock your Facebook profile on Android.

How To Lock Facebook Profile On Android

  • Step 1) Log in to your Facebook account in Android application.
  • Step 2) Now click on the three horizontal lines on the right side of the top.
  • Step 3) Here you can see all the options to manage your account Settings & Privacy.
  • Step 4) Select the Settings option under the Settings & Privacy option.
  • Step 5) Now scroll down and find Profile locking option under Privacy options.
  • Step 6) In the next step, it will ask for confirmation to Lock your profile.
  • Step 7) After the successful implementation of the given steps, it will display a message that you locked your profile.
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