How This Scammer Arslan Gujjar ( Shani ) Scams People Online In The Name Of Google Adwords

This guy Arslan Gujjar ( Shani ) who is running a Youtube Channel Tricky Bahi is doing fraud with his online community. He is from Multan, Pakistan. He got engaged on 21st September 2021. His Phone Number is +92 344 2079238 .

He creates fake videos on Youtube regarding Google Adwords and upload scam videos as well. When someone connects with him regarding Google Ads he asks for payment $50 for running ads. After getting paid he will give excuses that he is in hospital or something and on the same side he keeps responding other people for scamming.

Beware from these type of scams on Youtube and if you are looking for some better offers do check someone in your locality because people like him loves to scam people’s hard earned money. File has been lodged against him in his local police station. Hope they will take action soon. Complaint has been forwarded to higher authorities in Multan as well.