Great Gemini Circus reaches Chandigarh after 25 years

Chandigarh, 21 September ( Barman ): After a long gap of almost 25 years, the Great Gemini Circus is once again in the city of Chandigarh with new colors, new artists, and exciting new items to entertain the people of Chandigarh and the surrounding region has arrived. At the same time, 06 African artists are also ready to captivate the audience with their aerobics items.
Azam Khan, Manager, Great Gemini Circus said that the circus artists have always received immense affection from the residents of Chandigarh and the surrounding area. This time too, after 25 years on their behalf, the exhibition ground of Sector 34, between both the petrol pumps, is being set up in the city of Great Gemini Circus. Hope this time also people will show the same love and appreciation. He told that the Great Gemini Circus will run for about a month from 23 September to 26 October. The circus will have 03 shows in a day which will be at 01 PM, 04 PM, and 7.30 PM respectively. A very smooth and proper arrangement has been made for the seating of the spectators in the circus pandal. He said that security arrangements have been made by the circus management at their own level in which private security and CCTV have also been installed. Proper arrangements have also been made to deal with any untoward incident.