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#Governor to CM, Answer the letters otherwise be ready to face the consequences

#Governor to CM, Answer the letters otherwise be ready to face the consequences

Chandigarh, July 24 ( P2P):

Punjab Governor Banwarilal Purohit has once again written a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab. The Governor has written in the letter that his letters which were given the name of ‘love letters’ in the Vidhansabha should be answered immediately. According to the Constitution, the Chief Minister is bound to reply to their letters. Not answering their letters is a violation of Article 167 of the Constitution. Along with this, the governor has also said that in his earlier letter he had termed the four bills passed in the Vidhan Sabha session as illegal, it was not his opinion but the opinion of the expert.
In the letter, the governor has said that he is receiving many complaints of corruption against the government. That’s why reply to his letter soon.


Dear Chief Minister,

Through the media, I learnt about your comments that “unfortunate that the Governor hasn’t taken any legal opinion” regarding the assembly session held on 19th and 20th of June, 2023. For your information, opinion has been taken from one of the leading constitutional expert. Crux of the opinion is attached for your knowledge, which dearly mentions that the house so summoned was patiently illegal. Now nothing remains to be responded to your comments.

Again, I am reminding you that my letters are lying with you unattended as you

have called them as “Love letters”. But you are supposed to know that as per the Constitution,

the Chief Minister is duty bound to furnish the information sought by the Governor.

Non supply of the information is a clear violation of the Article 167 of the constitution. During the debate in the assembly you have taken pot-shots about the Governor, which is not liked by the people as the utterances by the Chief Minister are not befitting to the post. You should also keep in mind that, as Governor, am a constitutional authority appointed by the president of India and entrusted with duty to ensure a just, fair and honest administration and has to see that the Governance is corruption free.

Since I am receiving various complaints of corruption, I urge upon you to give me the reply at the earliest without fail. Otherwise, it will be deemed as gross violation of the Constitution.

With regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Banwarilal Purohit)


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