Give AAP a chance to better Himachal: Arvind Kejriwal

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, urged Himachal voters on Saturday to give their party one more shot at improving the state.

Together with Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, he addressed a public gathering in Hamirpur to garner support for AAP ahead of upcoming elections in Himachal.

The successive Congress and BJP governments were both blamed for looting the country.

And Himachal Pradesh wasn’t much better.

“The state underperformed in education and health parameters and desperately needed improvement,” he alleged.
According to him, of the 14 lakh students in the state, 8.5 lakhs study in government schools, whose futures are in the dark.
He claimed the people of the state could visit Delhi once and see the difference and change brought about by AAP in the government schools, adding that by allocating 25 percent of the budget to education, they had spent over Rs 80,000 Crores in the past seven years.

Speaking on the occasion Mann said that the Congress and BJP played friendly matches with each other for plundering the public wealth.

He said that like Britishers they also robbed the people of their rights but people had no other option except to elect them again and again.

“People have now found AAP as a catalyst of change in the country,” he claimed.

The winds of change that started from Delhi to Punjab are now ready to sweep the entire country, he said, adding that the AAP is ready to storm Himachal Pradesh.

Mann said that AAP is the pivot of change in the country a reflection of which is that more than 70 MLAs in Punjab are less than 35 years of age.

The CM said that while the successive governments had turned schools into Mid-day meal buildings, the AAP governments in Delhi and Punjab have transformed them into temples of learning.

Describing quality education as the panacea of all ills, he said that it is a powerful tool that can only transform the lives of people.