From August 1, Punjab’s passenger service vehicles will be equipped with location tracking devices

Punjab to tag passenger vehicles: A few days after Punjab introduced community service and blood donation as punishment for speeding and drunken driving, the government has now decided to introduce a vehicle location tracking device system in all passenger service vehicles from August 1.

This move is to ensure efficacy in the public transport system and effective monitoring of all the vehicles in the state. Passenger service vehicles include minibuses and taxis. Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar made the announcement on Tuesday during a meeting to review the offices of regional transport authorities.

During the meeting, it was also decided that timetables of the vehicles will be uploaded on the designated web portal so as to ensure equal frequency and transparency in the public transport system of the state.

Expressing grave concern over deaths caused by road accidents, the minister, further instructed that it is necessary for all heavy vehicles, including tipper trucks, to be fitted with a rod (iron angle) at their rear, a statement said.

No such vehicle shall be passed by motor vehicle inspectors unless the rod is fitted, it added. He also ordered that the regular inspection of all the interstate barriers by the respective secretary of the regional transport authority.