‘Friendly’ contest between Tharoor and Kharge

'Friendly' contest between Tharoor and Kharge
'Friendly' contest between Tharoor and Kharge

In his nomination statement on Friday, Congress Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor (in pic) said he will share his vision for the party with all the delegates soon, and that he will not withdraw from the race.

By 3 pm, Tharoor will file the sixth set of nomination papers he has submitted in five sets. Across India, from Kashmir to Nagaland, party workers have shown extraordinary support to me in the papers I have submitted.”

All the delegates will receive his vision for the Congress, which he will send to them.

According to him, Gandhis are neutral. The contest is friendly. Competitors are not enemies, but colleagues.

The Congress leader, Mallikarjun Kharge, is a great leader. I have my own ideas,” Tharoor said.

We are having setbacks for a couple of years in elections, so I don’t want to say anything negative against Kharge. As a result of inflation and unemployment, he said the Congress should bring about a change in the country.
Digvijaya Singh dropped out of the race for party president on October 17, joining Kharge and Tharoor. He said, “Kharge is our senior, and I have told him that I will be your proposer and I am committed to the Congress and the Nehru-Gandhi family.”

As a result of his meeting with interim president Sonia Gandhi, Kharge filed his nomination as the leader of opposition in the Rajya Sabha. A meeting between Digvijaya Singh and Kharge took place earlier in the day. According to reports, Singh withdrew from the race after Kharge emerged as the top choice of Gandhis.

The G-23 leaders, including Manish Tewari, Bhupinder Singh Hooda, and Prithviraj Chavan, met late on Thursday night at Anand Sharma’s residence without disclosing the details of the meeting.