Former CPS Bhandari charged with abetment to suicide

Former CPS Bhandari charged with abetment to suicide
Former CPS Bhandari charged with abetment to suicide

A suicide abetment case has been filed against former Chief Parliamentary Secretary (CPS) and BJP leader KD Bhandari. As part of his suicide note, Congress councillor Sushil Vicky Kalia named Bhandari and several others for harassing him.

As well as Bhandari, other individuals named in the deceased’s note were also booked under Section 306 of the IPC in FIR No. 14 lodged at the Division No. 1 police station.

During his note, Kalia explained that he was taking this extreme step because Bhandari had harassed him mentally. Family members of the councillor had refused to cremate the body until an FIR was filed.

All charges against Bhandari have been dismissed by him. “Kalia’s death was unfortunate. In the past six months, I haven’t met or spoken to him once, so how can I be blamed for mental torture? He claimed that he had only filed a complaint against him because he, his son, and other family members had misused government funds to the tune of Rs 50 lakh.

A police complaint had been lodged against Kalia in August by Bhandari at Division No. 8 over “misuse” of the Punjab Nirman Scheme grants to welfare societies. Funds were supposed to be used to establish community halls and other projects, but none were ever implemented.

Even in the Supreme Court, Kalia’s son Anshuman could not secure bail for himself in the case. Bawa Henry was a close aide of the deceased.

According to his suicide note, Kalia was coerced into paying Rs 20 lakh for the case to be settled by certain other people.

Until we have verified the suicide note and those named in it, we won’t make any arrests, Jagmohan Singh said.