Failure of authorities to act leads to dummy admissions

Failure of authorities to act leads to dummy admissions
Failure of authorities to act leads to dummy admissions

There has been a sharp rise in the number of dummy admissions to private schools in classes XI and XII in the region without any oversight from the authorities.

Even though it is mandatory for students to have 75 percent attendance to appear for the board exams, these schools allow students to relax their attendance rules. Private coaching centers prepare students for competitive medical and engineering entrance exams. Private coaching centers in Delhi, Chandigarh, and Kota in Rajasthan are preparing thousands of students for entrance exams. Various private centers in Bathinda also offer coaching to students.

There is no effort being made to control the practice of schools and coaching centers minting money through dummy admissions across the state. The full fee is charged by private schools to enrol students as regular students.

Dummy admissions are profitable for the schools. In most cases, students who receive coaching at private centers clear their board exams with good marks, and the schools receive the credit.

Rural areas are now experiencing the trend as well, which shows the seriousness of the issue. Parents who are looking for institutions that are willing to admit their children without a minimum attendance requirement are finding that private schools are a safe bet.

Several private schools in Bathinda are making money by giving dummy admissions, and yet no action has been taken.

The educationist AK Lawrence said, “Dummy admissions are the most destructive way to destroy a teenager’s healthy psychology.”. In a society where post-secondary education is divided into watertight compartments of medical and non-medical streams, precious young lives are being lost every year in places referred to as ‘suicide capitals’.”

Shaukat Ahmed Parray, DC Bathinda, said, “We will discuss the issue with the District Education Officer and conduct a check.”