Detect changes in your health through your voice

Chandigarh, November 8 ( P2P) :  Now you can detect changes in your health through your voice. Researchers and Doctors have developed an AI-Enabled App that scans full body in 30 seconds and provides analysis on health issues after studying diverse data sets, using computation methodologies, and other assessment criteria and health standards.

“We provide a full-body scan through one single voice sample. No blood tests or radiation tests are required. All you have to do is to submit your voice sample & we shall send you instructions to record your voice which will be scanned by our unique web-based diagnostic tool to give your health status report on your registered email ID”, said Dr. Mahesh Hukmani, while addressing the media persons here today.

Elaborating on the technique, he said through the technique several health checks which can be done using the technique are mental fitness and overall physical fitness health checks, besides providing you with Early health detection information. Patented vocal biomarker analysis, helpful in continuous remote monitoring of health and AI-backed Health Diagnostic Tool designed to generate personalized health status reports, he added.

Dr. Mahesh Hukmani is an Eye Surgeon by profession and did his MS in ophthalmology from the prestigious S.M.S Medical College and Hospital Jaipur ( Raj.) in 1998. He practiced till 2008 and jumped into the field of Research with Quantum Physics and Vibrational Medicine as his choice.

He developed a new concept called Scalar energy Pyramid in Early 2010 and Tested the same for its Anti-radiation Properties and its ability to improve the immune status upon the Human Body with excellent Results as evidenced by Pip scan, Aura Photography, Aura Scan, etc. Scalar Energy Pyramid is Now a Patent Product with him. Later on, he also developed Scalar Energy Brass Balls for the alleviation of pain, especially Joint Pains.

“My research in Vibrational Medicine went on until one day I managed to develop a software for Voice analysis, called Jupiter Voice Scan or JV-SCAN, as a new Holistic approach in Diagnosing the Trapped Emotions Of Subconscious Mind & treating the human body deficiencies in the form of pure sound frequencies named by him as Healing code therapy”, he said.  He added, It is now matured into the one and only Complete integrated Wellness Concept, in the History of Holistic/Alternative therapies, that helps in Disease Prevention, Utilizing its own Diagnostics (Only Allopathy has its own Diagnostics otherwise), and treatment by means of Pure sound Frequencies, making it a completely drugless, painless, affordable method of treatment.

While explaining the concept, he said, “The whole concept is developed and matured as per the guidelines laid down by WHO -Geneva Convention 1984. The whole Concept is under Protection under Intellectual Property Rights Patent Protection CopyRight Protection With more than 2000 clients treated successfully in the last 4.5 years after its launch on June 24, 2013, This method is becoming the treatment of choice for not only disease prevention but also disease elimination. Mind Design academy is the Education series partner of Planet Healers and is involved mainly with awareness and Education regarding Improving Mind Attributes in Children, Youngsters, Corporate, Married Couple, etc. Jv-Scan is Registered under the Government of India as a start-up India Initiative.

Dr. Mahesh Hukmani is also the Brain Child Behind: Name Frequency Analysis Medical Meditation, wherein you are made to talk to the Soul With in to Heal Diseases. The Technique used by him is also named by him as Gene Aerobic Meditation New Age Meditations including Karmic Detox and Pulling Past life attributes At Jv-Scan Preventive Health care Clinics, we use an Integrated Approach for keeping the Body sickness free.