Despite plans to enter the consumer mobility sector, Gautam Adani plans to set up a private network

Gautam Adani To Set Up Private Network: Adani Data Networks Limited, a unit of Adani Enterprises Limited , has acquired 400 MHz spectrum in the 26 GHz millimeter wave band for 20 years.

After getting the spectrum, the Adani Group on Tuesday said the spectrum worth Rs 212 crore purchased in the millimeter wave band would be used to build a private network. This network will support the group’s business and data centers.

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani said, “Our portfolio is highly distributed and is rapidly digitizing. We believe that the next surge in data will not come from humans but from machines. This is because all the devices are interconnected. Other machines will stream, store, process, and analyze the data in real-time. This will create a set of services that the market could not have imagined today.”

Airwave access for data centers

The Adani Group plans to use airwaves for its data centers and is also building a super app. The Super App will support businesses ranging from electricity distribution to airports and from gas retailing to ports. The Adani Group has bought less than one per cent of all spectrums sold in the auction. The government has earned Rs 1.5 lakh crore from the spectrum auction.

The first step in integrating a portfolio

“Acquiring 400 MHz spectrum is the group’s first step in integrating its digital infrastructure portfolio, which includes data centers, terrestrial fiber and submarine cables, industrial clouds, AI Innovation Lab, cyber security, and SuperApps,” the group said in a statement. Adani Group has also made it clear that it has no plans to enter the consumer mobility sector.