Delhi minister Satyender Jain enjoys meal in Tihar jail a day after claiming 28 kg weight loss

Delhi minister Satyender Jain enjoys meal in Tihar jail a day after claiming 28 kg weight loss
Delhi minister Satyender Jain enjoys meal in Tihar jail a day after claiming 28 kg weight loss

It was just a day ago that video of jailed Delhi minister Satyendar Jain undergoing an oil massage inside his jail cell stirred up controversy, so a purported video of him eating elaborately inside Tihar has emerged.

In recent CCTV footage sourced from the Tihar jail, Jain appears to be eating an elaborate meal.

Jain on Tuesday complained to the trial court that he had not received privileges such as proper food and medical examination in Tihar Jail. As a result of being locked up in jail, he also claimed to have lost 28 kilograms.

Poonawalla said Kejriwal ji made sure Hawalabaaz got a VVIP maza and not a saza.

Shehzad said Arvind Kejriwal must explain why he keeps a person in prison for five months working as a minister, to collect ‘vasooli’ from Sukesh, make maalish from rapists and now get food from outside jail.

Despite the order of the Court and undertaking given in this court, senior advocate Rahul Mehra complained that the Enforcement Directorate was leak sensitive information to the media.

My weight has dropped 28 kg in jail. Is this what privileged prisoners get? I’m not even getting proper food. What privileges are they talking about?” Jain asked.

A video purportedly showing the minister getting a massage inside his Tihar cell went viral on social media days ago. According to the Aam Aadmi Party, Jain is receiving physiotherapy.

According to official sources, jailed Delhi Minister Satyendar Jain was being given a massage by an accused in a rape case, following the viral CCTV video inside Tihar.

According to sources, Satyendar Jain’s masseur is Rinku, a prisoner charged with rape under section 6 of the POCSO Act and sections 376, 506 & 509 of the IPC. He’s not a physiotherapist.

It is only the BJP that can leak CCTV footage of an injured person’s treatment… His spine (Satyendar Jain’s) was damaged, it is on record,” Sisodia said on Saturday.

Physiotherapy was also criticized for “degrading”.

He also demanded an apology from the minister in a video.

The session that was going on was not physiotherapy, according to the Association of Physiotherapists. Physiotherapy is being degraded in this way. Our firm condemnation of this act is unwavering. This should be apologized for by the Minister or whoever it may be,” he said.

Former Tihar jail PRO said on Saturday that the video clearly showed co-inmates giving him a massage, not physiotherapy.

The difference between massage and physiotherapy is that physiotherapy is performed in hospital physiotherapy wards.

A man is seen massaging the Delhi minister’s legs and back in another video posted by BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla.