Corruption: after two former ministers, is it turns of former Dy Speaker?

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Chandigarh: After the arrest of former minister Sadhu Singh Dharamsot in the corruption case and the case against former minister Sangat Singh Giljian, more cases have started opening up. Now the matter of corruption is related to the name of Ajaib Singh Bhatti, who was the deputy speaker in the previous Congress government. The case is about school kits, sports kits, convex mirrors, and sanitizers’ worth about Rs 5 crore and the fund had been provided by the Government of Punjab. It is alleged that Ravinder Singh Mann, an office-bearer of RASA, claimed himself to be the OSD of the former deputy speaker in the whole case, and his son took a commission in the name of the deputy speaker.

The game of school kits, sports kits, convex mirrors, and sanitizers went on for about four and a half years. About one crore rupees each was spent on these works every year. There are four schools in and around Bathinda of said OSD, who also claims himself to be the office bearer of RASA (Recognized and Affiliated School Association).  He allegedly misused government funds in his non-government aided school. Later on, school kits, sports kits, convex mirrors, and sanitizers were supplied to various schools in the Malout area. Interestingly, the firms from whom school kits, sports kits, convex mirrors, and sanitizers were purchased were given checks in advance, but their goods were not deposited until 25 to 30 percent commission was paid to the OSD. not given. The special thing was also that the central government had fixed the maximum rates of sanitizers, but here sanitizers were purchased at double prices.

Now, this matter arose because the dispute of commission was not over yet. In the firm from which OSD Mann is asking for more amount of commission, he is also saying that the commission amount has to be sent to Deputy Speaker Bhatti Sahib and Bhatti Sahib is asking for a commission. When contacted Ravinder Singh Mann, he denied being the OSD of the former deputy speaker. He said that his son’s relationship with firms dealing with school kits, sports kits, convex mirrors, and sanitizers belonged to him, not his. He did not deny that his conversation was being recorded, but he said that the recording of his talk was done fraudulently. When contacted former deputy speaker Ajaib Singh Bhatti, he has neither asked for any commission from anyone nor will anyone do so in his name. He said that if anyone has done this, then any investigating agency should do a deep investigation with a person named Mann. On the other hand, the firms with which there is a dispute over the commission are also sending complaints to the Vigilance Bureau and the Chief Minister.