Corporation election in Haryana, symbols list published

Chandigarh, May 5 (P2P) – The State Election Commission Haryana has published the revised list of symbols to be allotted to the contesting candidates of National and State level parties for the election of Mayor and Members of Municipal Corporation in the state. In addition, a free election symbol list has also been issued which is to be allotted to the candidates of registered unrecognized political parties for the general/bye-elections of Municipal Corporation in the state.

While giving this information here today, a spokesperson of the Commission said that under the National Parties, Symbol of Flower and Grass has been allotted to All India Trinamool Congress party, Elephant to Bahujan Samaj party, Ears of Corn and Sickle to Communist Party of India, Hammer, Sickle and Star to Communist Party of India (Marxist), Hand to Indian National Congress party, Clock to National Congress party, Book to National People’s party, Spectacles to Indian National Lok Dal and Key has been allotted to Jannayak Janta Party.

The list of free symbols for Mayor included Air Conditioner, Almiraha, Apple, Axe, Balloon, Bell, Black Board, Brick, Bridge, Brush, Bunch of Grape, Bus, Camera, Carom Board, Chair, Coconut Tree with bearing fruit, Cot, Crane, Dholak, Door, Electric switch, Gas Stove, Grinding wheel, Hand Drum, Mango, Neck Tie, Pan, Pen and Inkpot, Pepal Leaf, Petromax, Pitcher, Pot, Pressure Cooker, Rickshaw, Road Roller, Rolling Pin, Scissor, Ship, Shirt, Spade, Sword, Tap, Tipcat, Torch, Trowel, Violin, Whistle and  Wrist Watch.

Similarly, in the list of free election symbols issued to the members of the Municipal Corporation i.e. Aeroplane, Auto Rickshaw, Bat, Bicycle, Boat, Bow and Arrow, Bucket, Broom, Candles, Car, Cart, Ceiling Fan, Comb, Conch, Cultivator Winnowing grain, Cup and Saucer, Drum, Electric Bulb, Frock, Gas Cylinder, Glass tumbler, Hand Pump, Harmonium, Hat, Hockey and Ball, Jeep, Jug, Kettle, Kite, Ladder, Lady Purse, Letter box , Lock and Key, Plough, Radio, Railway Engine, Ring, Rising Sun, Scooter, Scale, Sewing Machine, Slate, Spade and Stoker, Stool, Table Fan, Table Lamp, Telephone, Television, Two Leaves, Two Swords and a Shield, Umbrella and Wall Clock.

The spokesperson said that the Commission has also directed that if there are no sufficient free election symbols for the mayor’s candidate, then the work of allotment of election symbol to candidates shall be stopped till the completion of the allotment in all wards of Municipal Corporation. He said that after allotment, the remaining free election symbols may be allotted to the candidates of Mayor.

He said that if the same situation arises in the case of a member of the Municipal Corporation, then the remaining free election symbols for the post of Mayor may be allotted to the candidates of members.

In addition to this, directions have also been given that if the mayor and member of the registered-unrecognized political parties registered by the Election Commission of India want to contest the general or bye-elections of the Municipal Corporation on any one of the symbols kept free by the State Election Commission. In such a situation, that party will have to apply within three days of the notification of the election being issued by the Commission.

He said that the Commission, after considering the application of a registered-unrecognized political party, can allot the desired free election symbol to that party and allow it to contest the election on that symbol.