CCTVs recorded over 5 lakh challans last year

CCTVs recorded over 5 lakh challans last year
CCTVs recorded over 5 lakh challans last year

Through 900 CCTV cameras installed across the city, 5,47,900 challans for various traffic violations were issued from March, 2022, to February 26, 2023.

Approximately 285 locations in Chandigarh are being monitored in real time by Chandigarh Smart City Limited through its Command and Control Centre.

Locations include intersections, government schools, entry and exit points, water-treatment facilities, parking lots, hospital entrances, and gardens.

Using CCTV surveillance, the police have been able to solve more than 250 cases in the past seven months, including murders, snatchings, accidents, vehicle thefts, and burglaries.

“This component of the Smart City Mission went live in October 2022 and was in stabilisation for three months until January 2023. During the stabilisation period, firmware upgrades, system failures, application issues, hardware compatibility issues, maintenance challenges, etc, were encountered. Although these CCTV cameras have been serving the city since their installation and helping the Police Department, said Anindita Mitra, Chief Executive Officer, Chandigarh Smart City Limited.

The Enterprise Management System of ICCC monitored all connected cameras in December of 2022. All field equipment is monitored using this system,” she added.

Seventy-nine percent of cameras were working within the maintenance range, twenty percent outside the maintenance range, and only one percent had limited availability because of junction improvement, civil repairs, school building renovations, and power cable repairs.

In all connected sites, our cameras operate at an efficiency of more than 97% after stabilisation. According to Mitra, the system has not only kept our citizens safe but also reduced crime rates in the city.