Boy stages own kidnapping after watching YouTube video

Young woman tied to a chair in a empty room, hands close up

He staged his own abduction after he refused to attend a boarding school in Rajasthan that his father had planned to send him to.

Based on a YouTube video, he devised the entire kidnapping scheme.

Originally from Dholka town, the boy attends Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. A school in Rajasthan had been chosen for him by his father recently. He watched videos on YouTube and came up with a plan to stage his own kidnapping, so that his father would reconsider sending him to boarding school. He left home with his 11-year-old cousin, who is also a close friend, on Sunday morning. Bavla was reached by auto-rickshaw. His father was contacted by the child from a Bavla grocery store. Both he and his cousin were kidnapped by unidentified individuals who smeared something in their eyes before pushing them into a van. In spite of this, they managed to escape and make a phone call to their kidnappers.

His father immediately notified the police and uploaded a video to social media informing them of the incident. Together with his father, the police reached the place that he had mentioned and brought him home. The kidnapper confessed to staging the kidnapping when he was grilled. He stated that he did not want to go far from home to study and hoped that this news would influence his father’s decision.